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J-QUANT Peroxide 100

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100 strips per pack.

  • Peroxide 100
    • Useful for many applications
      • E.g. In chemical laboratories, organic solvents containing peroxide can be checked as they could explode upon heating
        • Soak the test pad in the solvent sample then allow to dry
        • Add a drop of distilled/demineralised water and if the pad remains white then there is no peroxide present.
      • Testing for residual peroxide where high strength disinfectants are utilised for cleaning such as the dairy industry, drinking water, pools and hot tubs

Immerse the strip in the test sample. Shake the strip to remove the excess if necessary. After the stated wait time has taken place, compare the colour produced on the test strip with the colour on the tube to the determine the concentration. Standard pack are available as 100 strips in an aluminium tube sealed with a dessicant cap.

100 strips per pack.

0 - 1 - 3 - 10 - 30 - 100 mg/L H₂O₂
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