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50C Glass Microfibre Filter 47 mm

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47mm Diameter

Johnson Test Papers’ Grade 50C is a standard grade glass filter found in many environmental applications offering a smaller pore size than 50A (1.2 µm), with a slightly slower filtration speed. The properties of 50C filters are a standard in the determination of liquid scintillation counting and total suspended solids collection in potable water and in industrial waste. In biochemical tests, Grade 50C is suited for cell harvesting and the analysis of carbohydrates Johnson Test Papers offers glass microfiber filters with a range of pore sizes and thicknesses. Browse other binder-free glass filters to find the right filters for your needs.

47mm Diameter

Whatman Cross Reference = No.GFC
Speed class Medium / Fast, very high loading
Thickness (mm) 0.26
Pore size (μM) 1.2
Weight (g/m²) 52
Filtration Speed (sec*) 100
Burst Strength (Kg/cm²) 20
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