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Grade 352 Quantitative Ashless Filter Paper

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≡ No.40

Grade 352 covers a wide range of general ashless analytical filtration applications. It is used for gravimetric analysis of various components (e.g. cements, copper, clay, bismuth, silicon, iron) found in heavy industries such as construction, mining or steel. It is also used for filtering sludges, determination of oils in waters and determination of sediments in milk. Grade 352 is also used as a high purity filter containing 0.007% maximum ash content for speedy filtering of trace elements such as silver chromate, lead sulfate, coarser precipitates of calcium oxolate, zinc and ammonium hydroxide. Grade 352 is also found in general soil analysis for separating solid from aqueous extracts. Use as a clean-up filter for solutions prior to atomic absorption (AA) spectrometry Being a very pure filter, it can be used to capture radionuclides and traces of elements from the atmosphere.

Whatman Cross Reference = No.40
Speed class Medium Filtering
Thickness (mm) 0.16
Pore size (μM) 5-8
Weight (g/m²) 84
Filtration Speed (sec*) 50
Burst Strength (Kg/cm²) > 0.20
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