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Starch and Potassium Iodide Paper

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10 books of 20 strips per pack.

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Johnson Test Papers
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  • Starch And Potassium Iodide Paper is used to measure the presence of oxidising agents such as nitrite, free chlorine, iodine and peroxide
  • Also used to monitor diazotization reactions
  • Oxidising agents react with potassium iodide to produce elemental iodine which in turn reacts with the starch to form a blue-violet colour reaction
  • The paper can be dipped into the sample or drops can be placed on it
  • The paper is moistened with distilled water to detect oxidising gases

Open the the casing and remove one of the paper's from a book. Dip the paper into your test solution for around 2 seconds, and then check the paper for a result.

10 books of 20 strips per pack.

White to Blue / Purple


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