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Sample Vial Caps & Septa, Red PTFE White Silicone Septa + Blue Screw Cap With Hole, for 2ml 9-425 Screw Top Vial

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Sample Vial Caps & Septa, Red PTFE White Silicone Septa + Blue Screw Cap With Hole, For 2ml 9-425 Screw Top Vial, 100 vials per pack

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MS® HPLC and GC sample vials offer a number of benefits over the standard straight glass sample vials. The flared end assists the needle into the vial enabling the loading of liquid samples easier. This flared end also allows the vial to be easily inserted and removed from the end of the probe using tweezers without breaking the glass due to the vial’s superior strength. MS® caps and septa are available for various types of sample vials. They can help to reduce costs and reduce time and ultimately increase productivity.

Key features
  • Minimal space tolerance
  • Validation paperwork with each package
  • Vial/cap/septum combination tested by LCMS for cleanliness
  • Cap/septum tested by headspace GC to ensure proper curing of silicone polymer
  • HPLC intruments
  • LCMS instruments
  • GC instruments
Technical Data
Cap Height6.2±0.2
Cap Diameter11.8±0.2
Septum CleanlinessCleanliness Test (GC Head Space Test)
HPLC Extractables TextNo detectable peaks
Silicone ColourWhite
Membrane ColourRed
Cap ColourBlue
Top/Cap Type9-425 Screw top
Cap/Septum SealingSealing Test
Heavy metals and arsenic releaseContent of Heavy metals and arsenic is considerably below the limit values of European Ph. and China Ph.

100 vials per pack


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