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PTFE Membrane

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Johnson Test Papers’ PTFE membrane filters are made of PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene). It is a microporous film laminated with fabric and paper. They are one of the newer types of filter media applied to extensive industries including pharmacy, biochemistry, microelectronics, and laboratory materials etc. PTFE membranes are particularly suited for aggressive media, since they are chemically inert towards aqueous and organic solutions as well a towards concentrated acids and bases (pH 1 - 14), which other filter types are not resistant against. PTFE membranes are used for liquid clarification of corrosives, solvents, and aggressive fluids. Effective sample filtration is critical to prevent equipment damage. GE’s PTFE hydrophobic membrane filters are also suitable for air and gas sterilization because of their ability to capture aqueous aerosols.

product code sterile pore size diameter (mm) pack size price Qty
product code PTFEM047020 sterile No pore size 0.20μ diameter (mm) 47 pack size 100 Price £42.37
product code PTFEM047045 sterile No pore size 0.45μ diameter (mm) 47 pack size 100 Price £42.37


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