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Cellulose Acetate Membrane

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Johnson Test Papers’ CA (cellulose acetate) membrane filters are made of pure cellulose acetate which has been altered to provide the lowest binding filters possible for researchers. When compared to alternative offerings, these filters provide large throughput and reduce the need to change filters when filtering protein solutions. CA membrane filters are exceptionally strong and exhibit minimal binding properties, making them suitable for applications where maximum recovery of proteins is essential such as filtration of proteins and enzymes, tissue culture media sterilisation, cold sterilisation and biological fluid filtration.

In order to prevent damage when handled or creased, CA membrane filters are produced using a special impregnation process that is internally supported by a polyester web. These unique processes generate filters guaranteed to give reliable performance. CA membrane filters have unparalleled dimensional stability after autoclaving or steam sterilisation and are unaffected by temperatures up to 135 °C with a burst strength of 130 psi, offering invariable performance with a uniform pore size and consistent flow rates.

Key Features
  • Lowest binding material available
  • Hydrophilic
  • High throughput
  • Strength and dimensional stability
  • Uniform pore structure
  • Protein and enzyme filtration and sterilisation
  • Biological fluid filtration and sterilisation
  • Tissue culture media sterilisation
  • Diagnostic cytology
  • Receptor binding studies
  • Increased recovery of difficult gram positive organisms

Pore Size(μm) Thickness(μm) Bubble Point(Bar) Water Flow Rate Δp = 0.9 bar
(mL/min/cm2 )
Air Flow Rate
(mL/min/cm2) (ΔP=3mbar)
0.22 115 4 18.5 --
0.45 115 3.1 40 25
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product code CAM047045 sterile No pore size 0.45μ diameter (mm) 47 pack size 100
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